Near-field communication (NFC), the same technology found in VividQR tappables that enables your customers to tap to get to your website or contact defails, might already be embedded in your mobile device. Here's how to check whether your Android device is NFC capable, and how to access the right setting to turn this feature on or off. 

NFC Detection Areas on Mobile Phones

Depending on which brand of smartphone and which model you are using, the NFC antenna may be located somewhere else on the device.

Below you will find links to the manufacturers’ homepages with more helpful information.  If you have any questions with regards to the NFC technology, please get in touch with the manufacturer of your phone.

  1. Samsung:

The link below will guide you to Samsungs homepage where you can find the location of your NFC detection area with the help of pictures: 

  1. iPhone:

Usually the NFC detection are for an iPhone is on the front at the top, where the self facing camera is located. This link guides you to the different user guides for your iPhone in order to find the NFC antenna on your device: 

Please keep in mind that you need at least iOS 13.0 in order to be able to use the NFC antenna.

  1. Huawei:

Please visit the supportpage, select your device model and you will find a sketch showing where to find the NFC antenna on your model in the start guide that can be downloaded:

  1. Sony Xperia:

 If you have a Sony Xperia device you can use the following link and access the user guide for your device in order to find where the NFC antenna is located.

  1. Google Pixel:

In order to find the NFC detection area for your Google Pixel phone you can follow the link below. You will find the location of the NFC antenna shown on sketches:

  1. Motorola:

As the location of the NFC antenna may vary, please choose your model in the support section on Motorola’s website to get to these product specifications:

  1. LG:

On you can  choose your smartphone model in the list. In the specifications you find sketches explaining the NFC position.

  1. HTC:

To find the location of the NFC antenna of your HTC smartphone please visit the following page and can choose the model you are using and find the valid NFC information for your device.

  1. Nokia:

Please check the manual for your model to see the exact location for your device:

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